NRIG Executive Team


Chair – Amy Wright


Amy Wright is a Neonatal NP with a passion for health equity and social justice. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. Challenged by the health inequities experienced by Indigenous infants and their families in urban areas, she has focused her career to advocating for the unique needs of this population.

Amy has extensive experience as a board member on several other committees and organizations and an active research portfolio. She is excited to be the new Chair of NRIG and is looking forward to working with this team to meet the educational and research needs of its members.


Past Chair - Barbara Chyzzy


Barbara has served on the NRIG executive since January 2015. She has a PhD in Nursing from the University of Toronto and is a professor in the University of New Brunswick/Humber Collaborative Bachelor of Nursing Program. Her research interests are in the areas of adolescent mental health (in particular, depression and anxiety), maternal mental health, mobile health interventions, homelessness and health equity. For her doctoral research, she conducted a pilot randomized controlled trial that examined the feasibility and acceptability of a mobile phone based peer support intervention for adolescent mothers. Findings from this study revealed that the mobile phone based peer support intervention was a feasible and acceptable way to provide support to adolescents during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. Preliminary evidence also suggested that the peer support intervention reduced depressive symptomatology in this vulnerable maternal population. The long-term goal of Barbara’s program of research is to explore ways in which m-health (mobile phone) technology can be used to improve mental health outcomes for adolescent and maternal populations worldwide.


Finance Officer - Winnie Sun


Winnie Sun, RN, PhD (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences University of Ontario Institute of Technology-UOIT) Many older adults face physical and mental barriers to enjoying a good quality of life. Often, a lack of understanding on how to best manage their overall health, limits their physical activity, social engagement, and independence, which can be debilitating and isolating for this population. An expert in gerontology and community health nursing, Winnie Sun, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at UOIT focuses her research on patient safety in home care, self-care in chronic disease management, and the use of information communication technologies, particularly among older adults whom she is passionate about helping them live independently at home for as long as possible.

While mobile technology and social media have helped connect millions of people, for many older adults it can seem overwhelming to navigate. Dr. Sun’s latest research examines the perspective of older adults in using technology to improve social isolation and community engagement, and investigates how caregivers can support older adults in staying connected. She is also collaborating on the development of simulation training for nursing students that focuses on empathy in patient care, and addresses opioid overdose.

Before joining UOIT, Dr. Sun spent six years teaching in the Collaborative Trent University/Fleming College Bachelor of Nursing Program. Dr. Sun previously held a post-doctoral fellowship at the Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement, and Long Life (AGE-WELL) from the University of Toronto (U of T). In 2014, she received her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science from the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the U of T, and a Collaborative Graduate Program Doctorate in Health Services and Policy Research from the Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation, Faculty of Medicine, School of Graduate Studies at U of T. She earned her Master of Nursing – Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours) from the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at U of T.

5. Fissan Lau

Secretary - Fissan Lau


Fissan Lau is a passionate cardiac nurse that is currently working at CorHealthOntario, formally known as Cardiac Care Network.  Although she is not currently conducting research studies, she often finds herself referring to high quality research that can be translated to improved patient care and health services at her current organization.  She is currently in the role of the secretary with NRIG for the year of 2017-2018.


Communication Officer - Newsletter - Demelza Domingo


Demelza has been a member of the NRIG Executive in the role of the NRIG Newsletter Communications Officer since September 2016. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science and Bachelor’s Science in Nursing in 2012 and 2014, respectively. Demelza is currently a Registered Nurse at the Hospital of Sick Children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She has practice experience in Perinatal Nursing in both the acute care and community care settings.


Communication Officer - Website - Joyce Tsui


Joyce has been a student member of Nursing Research Interest Group (NRIG) since 2008 and joined as a student member on the executive team in 2010. Over the years Joyce has taken on various roles on the NRIG executive team such as membership officer and most recently as communication officer – website. Joyce is passionate in the area of Gerontology and Nursing Education. Joyce holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as a Masters of Nursing with a focus in Leadership in Health Care Policy and Education.


Membership Officer - Christina Moldovan


Christina first joined RNAO as a student member, and over the years has been part of different interest groups, including ongoing involvement with the Nursing Research Interest Group (NRIG). Christina’s nursing practice background is surgical nursing and post-operative care, as well as leadership and teaching in both the academic, as well as presently in the acute care setting. Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Teaching Effectiveness Certificate, as well as an Honors Master of Nursing with a field of study in Leadership in Health Care Policy and Education.


Policy and Political Action Officer - Sheila Boamah and Marzieh Moattari


Sheila Boamah, RN, PhD, has been a member of NRIG since 2012 and joined the Executive Board as the Policy and Political Action Officer last year. Sheila is an Assistant Professor at Windsor University. Her research interests include leadership, healthcare quality, human resource management, health policy, and population health. Her clinical work has mainly been in critical care nursing. Sheila’s teaching interests include global health, leadership, research methods, and organization theory and design in healthcare systems.


Marzieh Moattari is an internationally educated nurse with a PhD. degree in nursing. As the holder of two Master’s degrees in Medical-Surgical Nursing and Medical Education, she is very passionate for learner-centered education in nursing. As a nursing scholar she has taught many aspects of medical-surgical nursing to undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Also, she is expert in teaching of the subjects related to education and research such as curriculum development and evaluation, teaching strategies, assessment, and research methodologies. She also has supervisory skills and has supervised more than 40 theses and dissertations.

She has an extensive publication record and possesses an author impact factor (H Index) of 20 in google scholar and 7 in Scopus. She is an expert in both quantitative and qualitative methodology and has more than 40 published articles in peer-reviewed journals. Her research interest can be categorized in the following areas: Medical-Surgical Nursing to improve patients’ health and or quality of life in challenging situations, Primary Health Care, Ethics, Critical Thinking, Social Responsibility, and Nursing Education and Assessment. She continuously presents her research findings in national and international conferences.

To obtain the registration license to work in Canada, she completed the York University Post RN program in 2017 and currently works as a registered nurse in a Nursing Clinic where she has the opportunity to empower the clients who live with different challenges across the life. Also, she is engaged in on-line teaching of graduate nursing students of Azad University since 2015.


Gillian Strudwick Optimized jpg

Members at Large - NRIG Board – Gillian Strudwick


Gillian Strudwick RN, PhD is a Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, and an Assistant Professor (status) at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. She is President Elect of the Ontario Nursing Informatics Group.


Members at Large - NRIG Board – Melissa Northwood


Melissa joined the NRIG executive in November 2018 having found the community a great support as a PhD student and early-career nurse researcher. She works in home care as an advance practice nurse specializing in continence promotion and geriatrics. Melissa is PhD student in the School of Nursing at McMaster University and is conducting a mixed methods research study on the complexity of living with diabetes and urinary incontinence for older adults receiving home care services.

12. Amanveer Deol

Student Representative -  Amanveer Deol


Amanveer has been the student representative for NRIG since January 2016. She is a 3rd year student in the University of New Brunswick/Humber Collaborative Bachelor of Nursing Program. In the future, she wishes to pursue her career in the department of cardiology at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). She also hopes to create programs around the community to improve the health outcomes and promote healthy coping strategies of indigenous communities in Ontario, with a focus on children and adolescents.